Toni Brown Who Lead Joy of Cooking on the Beginning of 1970s

Toni Brown Who Lead Joy of Cooking on the Beginning of 1970sIn the old times, there are not many women who joined a band. That is because the bands around that time were dominated by men. However, there is a famous name, Toni Brown, who can be considered as one of the most famous band members on the beginning of 1970s. Toni Brown was a pianist at that time and she got a chance to join a band called Joy of Cooking. With this band, she was able to release the total of three albums, which are considered as something totally great around that time.

There are some other nice things about Toni Brown besides the fact that she is one of those few band members on a band around that time. It is the fact that she was totally talented so that she had three different roles on this band, Joy of Cooking. She played piano on this band, but she also became the singer on the band. That is also one reason why she becomes one of the leaders on thisĀ band. That is totally uncommon for a woman to play in a band; furthermore, Toni Brown was leading the band around that time.

That facts from Toni Brown might be one thing that proof that this woman has something that many other women do not have. That is something that has been proven even after the band, Joy of Cooking, was dismissed around 1974. Yes, after the band was dismissed, her music career does not just stop there. That is because her music career keeps running to the future with one of the ex member of Joy of Cooking, Terry Garthwaite. Together with him, Toni Brown finally made a duo not long after that can continued her professional music career with her new duo, which results in a nice result too.

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