The Number of Albums from Toni Brown with Joy of Cooking

The Number of Albums from Toni Brown with Joy of CookingThere are not many people who know the name of Joy of Cooking or Toni Brown. That is because Toni Brown and her band called Joy of Cooking was famous during the late 1960s to the beginning of 1970s. You can simply say that the joy of cooking the lyrics and music from this band only last for less than a decade. There are a lot of reasons for that kind of thing to happen, but you should not look at that thing. You might want to look at the number of albums that Joy of Cooking has released during that time of their band formed.

Joy of Cooking is not a band that last for more than a decade, but you can be sure that the achievements are something great. That can be seen from the total of three albums that this band released on the beginning of 1970s. This band was formed around 1968, but the first album was released in 1971. The name of the album is similar with the name of the band, Joy of Cooking. That is about three years after the band was formed. That one can be considered as an ideal time to release a new album. However, there is something quite shocking about this band. That is because in 1972, Joy of Cooking released the second album at and the title of the album is Closer to the Ground.

If you think that is not shocking enough, you might want to know that within the next 12 months, this band released the third album that came in 1973. The title of the album is Castles. Those three albums are considered as something amazing for a band that time, especially when you highlight that Joy of Cooking did not stand for more than a decade.

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