The History of Joy of Cooking as Toni Brown First Band

The History of Joy of Cooking as Toni Brown First BandIn the year of 1960s to 1970s, the name of Toni Brown is quite famous as a musician. That is because this girl was leading a band called Joy of Cooking, which has the kind of hippie culture on many of its songs. The unique thing about this band is the fact that this band was led by a girl, which is quite unique around that time. As an addition, this Toni Brown girl was a pianist at the time, which make this band becomes more unique since many bands at that time was led by a man as the lead vocal.

This band was quite famous because of the hippie cultural influence on the band itself. However, there are some songs from this band that has the blues and jazz touch. In fact, there are also some other songs that have the folk style on the musical instruments. That might be another reason why this band was quite famous and loved at that time.

As an addition to the music style, this band was quite famous because of three recording album that they have at the beginning of 1970s. This band was actually formed in 1867 in California, but the first album of this band was released in 1971. The first album was entitled Joy of Cooking, the same name as the name of the band. That thing alone simply proves that this band is not getting all of the fame in one night. They have to struggle for about four years to get the first album and taste the little glory of the fames from this first album.

Because of the struggle too, the Joy of Cooking can finally release their second album on the same year, around the year of 1971. The second record album that this band had entitles Closer to the Ground. The best of all came about one year after that when the third album was released. Yes, the third album was also released soon after the second album was released. The third album entitled Castle was released in 1972. Working on the fourth album that is planned to be released around 1973, this band had to face a lot of problems around that time. That is one reason why this band was disbanded not long after the third album was released in 1973. As the result, the fourth album was never released to the public.

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