The First Album of Toni Brown with Joy of Cooking

The First Album of Toni Brown with Joy of CookingOn the beginning of 1970s, the name of Toni Brown was totally famous for a musician. That is because at that time there are not many women who joined a band, but Toni Brown did. Together with her band called Joy of Cooking, she became one of the most famous pianist during that time. For your information, the name of Toni Brown was getting famous because of the first album from Joy of Cooking that was released around the year of 1971. That is also the first album of Toni Brown with this band, Joy of Cooking.

This album was recorded at with the help from Pacific High Recording as one of the best record studio around that time. Even though this album has been prepared for some years, since around 1968, the final release date of this album was on 1971. That means this album was released after about three years of preparation. On this album, you can see that there are total of 10 songs listed on the cassette, but similar with many other albums from many other musicians, not all of those songs became a hit. There are only some songs that were totally famous around that time such as Dancing Couple, Too Late but Not Forgotten, and Only Time Will Tell.

On this album, you can also feel the real genre of Joy of Cooking that focuses on the soft rock style from the country people. Some people that time also called this kind of genre from Joy of Cooking as the country rock because the rock style fits the overall music style based on a country life. It is not that kind of rock style such as the one on the city. Even though, not all of the songs on this album can show that kind of genre.

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