Joy of Cooking as the First Band of Toni Brown

Being a girl pianist around the year of 1960s and 1970s is not something easy to do since girl is not a gender to be seen around that time and a pianist is not one of them either on a band. However, Toni Brown proved that was something wrong. She became one of the leader of a band called Joy of Cooking. This is not something common because she was born on a family with none of this kind of cultural influences at all. However, she proved that she can be whatever she wanted.

With her first band, she made the total of three albums in 1971 up to 1972. Actually, the band was formed in 1867 and since that time, there were some songs that were composed by this band. However, the first record album of this band was released in 1971. The name of the album is Joy of Cooking. That is the same name of the band. The second album was released on the same year too because there are some songs that have been written and composed by this band. That means there are not many works that this band and Toni Brown had to do. The second album that was released in 1971 entitled Closer to the Ground. One year after that, the third album of this band was released in 1972. The album was titled Castles.

Unfortunately, that was the last album that was released by this band. That is because this band was dismissed on the same year when the third album was released. Even though, there are people who said that Toni Brown was in the middle of releasing the fourth album of this band, but that is not something that many people know. That is because the band was dismissed before the album was released so that there are not many people who know about this kind of thing.

Fortunately, even though her career with her first band, the Joy of Cooking, was over, she does not stop her steps on the music that she loves. With one of the member of the previous band, she formed a duet with Terry Garthwaite, the ex-guitarist of Joy of Cooking. The name of the duet was Tony and Terry. During the year of 1973 up to 1977, this duet already had two LP with full-length duration entitled Cross Country and The Joy, as in the Joy of Cooking.

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