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This is the Toni Brown album I've been waiting for, a wonderful collection of songs, tastefully produced, that for the most part, distances her from her Dead-based audience and firmly establishes her as her own artist for new fans.

Key to her new sound is producer Paul Harlyn's arrangements, in collaboration with Brown, that gently place her folkish singing among traditional instruments.

Songwriting is certainly her great strength, and female country singers of the day would do well to mine her catalog for album tracks. Mostly songs of longing and loneliness, the one cover, Donovan's "Catch The Wind," fits the format well and is, ironically, perhaps her best vocal work to date; on a personal note, after so many years and so many versions, hers was the first that made the song matter to me. And that may be the most endearing quality of Toni Brown the performer, that her sincere, heartfelt delivery makes every song so believable.

Jon Butcher, Musicologist/Journalist/DJ

You have a great voice-very pure, rich, and clear. It sounds to me like you probably have perfect pitch too--you're not relying on vibrato to hit the notes. Your songs are very melodic and pleasing, and I've caught myself with some of the tunes running through my head! Your engineer did a great job of recording your voice. The mixing and production are first class too.

Chris Stone, Singer/Songwriter

Rabbit Hole Soul sounds great. The production is far superior to your other discs. Your voice sounds solid and full, the instrumentation is great, really clean and nicely done. Congratulations!

Bryan Miller, Singer/Songwriter, Miller's Farm

...great job. What an endeavor. I am going to listen again and again.

Veronica Piastuch, Former Manager, Eric Andersen

I can feel the very personal nature of the whole album--it brings an intimacy to the music which makes the listener feel very close to you as a person. It has a similar effect to Joni Mitchell's Blue album (which happens to be my favorite). You really put your heart into this album...so how could it be bad? It is authentic and heartfelt. Good work!

Starr Sackstein, Music Journalist

Your latest musical effort sounds really good and the production/accompaniment works nicely to complement and enhance the tunes and performances. One of the things that makes this new CD impressive is the contrast with your two previous releases. This time around, you took the time to rethink your creative approach, and there is a definite sense of maturity and growth.

Steve Ramirez, Bass Player, Bay Area, California

The CD is very, very good. I really like the sound of the acoustic piano and the mandolin. My favorite song on the album is "Sounds So Clear," FANTASTIC! What a song and what an arrangement. Other favorite songs on this CD are "Lights On" and "Blue Morning." But I like all the material. I think this is your best work!!!

Thomas Aubrunner, Musician, Vienna, Austria

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