Facts of Toni Brown You May Need to Know

Facts of Toni Brown You May Need to KnowYou may have known who Toni Brown is but for those who do not know him at all. You may not to worry about. This article will tell you brave facts of Toni Brown that you have not heard of. Additionally, Toni Brown was known as one of the member of one of women rock band in American called Joy of Cooking. And, Joy of Cooking was actually her first band remarked herself as a musician. Her life with the band has its journey and also there are few interesting parts of Toni Brown that you may not know.

Joy of Cooking was formed in 1967, in Berkeley, California and Toni Brown was the founder of this rock-blues-jazz-folk music band in America with her friend, Terry Garthwaite. As the member of the band, Toni Brown played as a pianist. Brown and Garthwaite were two women who led the band at that time. Amazingly, Joy of Cooking was identified as the first female-fronted band in American rock.music history since many music bands in America were led by a man. When working with her very first band, Joy of Cooking, Brown had been created some hit singles for her band in 1971 entitled Brownsville. As the part of the band, Toni with Joy of Cooking had been successfully released three full studio albums like Joy of Cooking (1971), Closer to the Ground (1971), and Castle (1972).

After making their fourth http://bengkelbola.org album, the band was disbanded because of many problems occurred. And, It marked the first solo career of Toni Brown. Before being a successful solo musician, Toni Brown made some collaboration with her friend in the band, Terry Garthwaite. They also have made and issued their collaboration song entitle Toni and Terry and the song was added in Terry Garthwaite’s single album. And, Toni.Brown’s first was called Good For You, Too (1974),Toni Brown (1979), Dare to Dream (1999), Blue Morning (1995), and Rabbit Hole Soul (2003). And Good For You, Too (1974),Toni Brown (1979), were her first two solo albums that were issued after ending her music career. After that she focused on her study and had mastered in Psychology and gained a master’s psychology degree. She was a founder a non-profit youth center called Four Winds West. So, that is all fun facts of Toni Brown, ex the keyboard player of Joy of Cooking and a solo musician that may not have heard already. And, hopefully, it will give you an additional information as one of big fans of Toni Brown’s work.

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